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Injured Players Benefiting From Physicool

Published on 23rd January 2014 by Tom Tainton

Cooling bandages aiding recovery

Bristol Rugby’s injured players have been using the Physicool Cooling Bandage to aid their recovery.

The versatile cooling bandage has proved to greatly reduce swelling and inflammation, reducing pain, whilst helping speed up the recovery process and getting players back on their feet.

Easily portable and reusable, the Physicool bandage has helped Joe Joyce and Adam D’Arcy reduce swelling in their knees, while also aiding Jack Wallace’s recovery from an Achilles injury.

Head of Medical Services, Dan Martin, told “Here at Bristol Rugby Club we have been using Physicool both post operatively and in between and after training sessions, to help maintain our players range of movement, reduce pain and swelling and provide support.

“Physicool does this by using rapid evaporation process to draw heat out of underlying tissues. It has mainly been used for lower limb conditions including an achillies tendon rupture, knee meniscal injuries and post knee debridement surgeries.

“The benefits of using Physicool in this type of environment are that it is easily portable for use on the coaches to and from games, it’s cost effective, reusable, and provides an element of compression along with cryotherapy.

It is very easy to re-apply as the first spray can last for up to two hours and is a great adjunct to our Game Ready and Compy Cool machines which provide intermittent compression with circumferential cold therapy.”

You can purchase Physicool products online by clicking here.