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B&I Cup Fixture With Aberavon To Be Replayed

Published on 25th October 2013 by Tom Tainton

Pool Five fixture to be replayed

Bristol Rugby's abandoned B&I Cup clash with Aberavon will be replayed, the Organising Committee have decided.

Following the abandonment of the Round Two fixture after 67 minutes - when Bristol were leading 24-20 - the committee believe the appropriate position is for the fixture to be replayed in accordance with Regulation 6.6 (below).

The game must be replayed at the same venue on a date suitable to both clubs before the conclusion of the pool stages. Subject to both parties right of appeal, the parties have four weeks to agree a new date.

Both clubs have the right to appeal the Organising Committee decision.

Regulation 6.6:

In the event that a Match is begun but then has to be abandoned because of the unsuitability of the venue at the time in question (including but not limited to the state of the pitch, floodlights or electricity failure beyond the control of the Home Club, health and safety concerns etc) or adverse weather conditions (which decision may only be made by the Match referee, and shall be final and binding on the Clubs), the Committee shall decide, in its absolute discretion, whether the Match should be replayed or rather whether the result at the time of abandonment should stand.