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Bristol City FC Use Alter-G

Published on 29th August 2013 by Tom Tainton

Club sharing facilities with Bristol City

Bristol Rugby’s anti-gravity treadmill is being used by Bristol City FC first team players to accelerate their return to full fitness.

The ‘AlterG’ defies gravity by applying a lifting force to the body, reducing weight and enabling players to run without the risk of stressing an injury.

The treadmill - which has been helping the likes of Bryan Rennie and Errie Claassens in recent months – is being shared with Bristol City FC as part of a wider collaboration between the medical teams.

“The AlterG has become an integral part of the Club’s rehabilitation strategy,” said Head of Medical Services Dan Martin.

“It ensures that we can appropriately load the joints and soft tissues of our injured players, enabling them to quickly return to functional activities, such as walking and running.”

“We’ve been delighted to welcome Bristol City’s medical staff and players to the training ground – it’s one of the areas that we have been working closely for mutual benefit.”