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Players To Visit Portishead Open Air Pool

Published on 13th June 2013 by Tom Tainton

Squad visit as part of pre-season plans


Bristol Rugby’s first team squad are set to visit Portishead Open Air Pool as part of the Club’s pre-season preparations.

Andy Robinson’s men will swap their boots for swimwear, undergoing a variety of conditioning sessions at the venue.

Having recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, the pool is one of region’s most popular leisure and sporting locations.

“It’s important to give the guys a change of scenery, so that’s why we’re taking them away from the familiar training ground environment,” explained First Team S&C Coach Andrew Petts.

“We’ll put the guys through their paces using alternative conditioning. We’re trying to achieve the same fitness outcomes using different physical qualities.

“The unloading of the sessions will allow for the cardiovascular adaptations that we require. At the end of a three-week block of intensive training, It’s important that we keep making gains without impact as a consequence.

“Swimming is a great tool. It’s off-feet conditioning with a strong focus on team building. We’ll run a series of team building activities, such as races and other challenges.”

To find out more about Portishead Open Air Pool, please visit the website here.