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Hobson Receives Twelve Week Ban

Published on 04th December 2012 by Tom Tainton

Club given five-point suspended sentence


Bristol Rugby appeared before an RFU Disciplinary Panel this evening, charged with conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Union or the game, contrary to Law 5.12, in the RFU Championship match with Plymouth at Brickfields on Saturday, 24 November.

The Club pleaded guilty to the charge and received a deduction of five league points, suspended for twelve months from December, 4 2012. Bristol Rugby are required to pay £250 towards hearing costs.

The following hearings also took place following incidents in the same fixture:

- Jason Hobson of Bristol Rugby was charged with biting centre Bevon Armitage on the arm - an act contrary to good sportsmanship, contrary to Law 10.4(m). The player pleaded not guilty.

The citing was upheld. Hobson was given a 12 week ban and ordered to pay £250 towards hearing costs. He is free to play again on February, 27 2013.

The Panel comprised Richard Charles (chair), Dan White and Mike Curling.