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What Is The PDG?

The Bristol Academy PDG, (Player Development Group), is made up of two tiers - Silver & Gold groups. 

The Silver Group is for players at U15's & U16's and the Gold Group is for those at U17's & U18's. Silver & Gold PDG players undergo twice weekly training at the Clifton base incorporating physical development and skill development.

They also receive training and education relating to diet and lifestyle as well as a range of subjects and skills that will enhance their potential to become elite rugby athletes.

As per the Bristol Academy Pathway, PDG players are selected from the U13's and U14's Developing Player Programme (DPP) and from schools and clubs in the area. These players are considered to have the potential to enter the Bristol England Academy one day and possibly play for Bristol Rugby First Team.

For more information about the PDG programme, please contact Academy Manager Mike Hall on